El'yahu Kyanos - Spiritual Teacher & Practitioner


El’yahu Kyanos is a full-time spiritual teacher and practitioner who has studied with healers and spiritual teachers from many wisdom traditions around the world, from Pranic healing to Reiki, inner alchemy to Kulun Taoist Teaching; and he has been lovingly encouraged by his teachers to share his intuition, insight, techniques, and experiences. Like many of us, his family heritage is diverse, with roots in Middle Eastern, Asian, and Kabbalistic traditions.


El’yahu is an international teacher of healing practices including Chrystlha Shamanic Healing, which he has developed for more than a decade. Currently, a sacred medicine brother he facilitates shamanic healing ceremonies with plant medicine and allow this safe and sacred work to reach out into the community into places it is needed. As a practicing Buddhist and a student of Lama Ang Babu Rinpoche, he is authorized to teach the ancient, powerful, and beautiful T’ai Chi Chuan practice along with other Chi Kung Buddhist teachings. Student of Chintamani Gautam, El’yahu is a yogi and kundalini instructor who devoted his Life to studying the secrets to The mystic Art of Tantric Love, Shaktipat initiation, Microcosmic Sexual Healing Orbit Alchemy of the Tao. The Heart Sutras of Patanjali and the limbs of Ashtanga.

El’Yahu Kyanos is available to create an individualized program for you according to your special needs and desires.

Please contact The Plum Lotus for connection to this very enlightened soul.