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The "Green Ray" of light. It is the stone of unconditional love linking your heart with will so you can carry out your heart's desire. It helps to align our energies with the divine and assists with spiritual growth. Prehnite offers a gentle, calm energy that quiets nervousness and worry.


Prehnite is a powerful source of peace, calm, and Heart Chakra activation, as well as a powerful energy stabilizer. It reduces nervous energy, relieves stress, and holds you as you hold others – a reminder that you, too, require healing and self-care.


Healing Benefits

⚜ You may use Prehnite and Crystal Wand to increase memory by stimulating the Third Eye Chakra, or it can be used as a centerpiece for meditating to cleanse your brain and prepare it to accept and remember new knowledge. Although not as successful as seeking medical help, using Prehnite to boost overall memory can effectively lessen the occurrence of periods of memory impairment and dramatically increase your capacity to remember knowledge and experience.

⚜ It's all too natural for the brain to get swept up and fill in gaps of a spiritual picture in times. Even the smartest among us might be led astray by it. Prehnite can assist you in tuning into your instincts or doing so more traditionally and relatively unless you already want to.

⚜ Prehnite is beneficial since it spontaneously and freely strengthens the brain, body, and soul bonds. Furthermore, the vibrations of this gemstone are frequently complementary to those of other gemstones in your inventory.    

⚜ When you're feeling battered and worn, Prehnite can assist you in enhancing your strength to tolerate physically demanding conditions for lengthy periods. Lawyers, writers, doctors, medics, and dressmakers benefit from Prehnite since their jobs need extraordinary craftsmanship. Prehnite boosts fat metabolism and speeds up the elimination of toxins from the body. This gemstone boosts the body's whole healing process.

⚜ You should seek a gemstone if you are fascinated by astrology since its devotional capabilities are pretty powerful. Another striking fact regarding Prehnite's historical usage of South African culture is they primarily used this for divination since it was thought to create a strong bond between the body and soul worlds. Its devotional abilities are founded on its capacity to reveal its practitioners the mystical world's truths with the same validity and reliability that we can be seeing the actual world's truths. As a result, it is an excellent gemstone for enhancing perception - you will immediately be aware of the situation's unsaid energy or frequencies.

At a Glance

⚜ Intuition

⚜ Meditation

⚜ Relaxation

⚜ Stress Relief

⚜ Higher Self

⚜ Angelic Communication

⚜ Inner Peace

⚜ Attunement With Higher Realms

⚜ Communication With Higher Realms

⚜ Communication with Guides

⚜ Unity of Heart and Will

⚜ Living in the Present Moment

⚜ Peace of Mind

⚜ Channeling and Grounding Higher Vibrations

⚜ Inter dimensional Communication

⚜ Connection with Nature


⚜ Chakras – Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra

⚜ Zodiac – Libra, Capricorn

⚜ Element – Earth, Water

⚜ Numerical Vibration – Number 6 and 7

⚜ Typical colors – Green, Venusian-Green

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