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Heart & Hands

About Us

Hello and welcome to The Plum Lotus Institute of Healing Arts, a safe space for those in need of spiritual and physical comfort. Offering Reiki certification and sessions and an online retail store, The Plum Lotus is a place where you are understood, supported and encouraged to take the time and steps needed to come back to your center. Where you can land softly amongst like minded friends and know that you are not alone anymore.


The Plum Lotus Institute of Healing Arts is a grassroots, non profit company that was built with herculean tenacity, mad love and a healthy dose of faith. As she was happily living as a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC), Teisha Caldwell was severely injured in an airline accident. Sustaining lasting damage to her arms and legs, she was forced to reassess her life and her purpose.


After finding life changing relief for her body and soul using the ancient healing arts, she established The Plum Lotus with the intent to help anyone needing these services. Teisha further supports her clients as an Akashic Records Wisdom Guide, Gene Key Ambassador, is a co-founder of the School of Light and is also a published author.


Teisha has built a collaborative team of well respected, highly qualified and experienced healers who are experts in their chosen fields. Shubham Joshi streams online meditation classes from Rishikesh, India that are suitable for children and adults alike. Patricia Librada Wald-Hopkins uses a combined scientific and metaphysical approach to support manifestation of well-being and promote the truest expression of yourSELF in the world. Tim Richmond is the owner of Creative Energies and provides yoga instruction to his clients in his studio. He is also the founder, lead vocalist and drummer for his musical group, The 11th House Intuitives.


The Plum Lotus continues to add collaborators that offer high quality alternative health services.

These collaborators compliment the vision of The Plum Lotus and are integral parts of the alternative healing movement that is underway in America today.


Their online store carries a variety of items that promote health and wellness and can be shipped to you quickly and easily. You will find beautiful jewelry, custom designed apparel, water bottles and mugs along with stunning freeform and finished crystals.


So come with us and explore a new way of life or expand your current knowledge. Make a donation, take a class or treat yourself to a treasure from their store. Any one of these actions will support The Plum Lotus, but more importantly, it will benefit your mind, body and spirit.

Premium Quality
Mission Statement

The Plum Lotus is a Non Profit 501(c)3 entity whose mission is to provide information, services and training to those who are interested in the ancient healing arts.

Vision Statement

Our vision is one where all people are exposed to and practice the ancient healing arts as part of daily life, thus creating a divine connection within ourselves, our fellow citizens and the world around us.

Value Statement

Our foundation is built upon the utmost respect for ourselves, our clients and our guests. We practice our craft with compassion, confidence and integrity and we warmly welcome new ideas and collaborations with others in the alternative health arena.

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