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M.Ed., LPCC, Usui & Karuna Master/Teacher

and Founder of The Plum Lotus


Ancient healing arts that heal our modern hearts


Just as the Lotus flower rises from murky waters to serve as a symbol of rebirth and renewal, Teisha Caldwell emerged from her darkness with that same energy. Paying homage to this belief is reflected in her company's name, The Plum Lotus.


After a life altering airline accident left Teisha Caldwell with very limited use of her arms and legs in 2017, the fight to regain her life had begun. Failed by the same medical and legal systems that were put in place to help and protect her, Teisha was guided to explore alternative healing paths where temporary comfort was found. However, upon her first Reiki session, Teisha found immediate and lasting relief. Adorned in her best warrior garb, she prepared herself for new growth and studied Reiki without ceasing. She became a certified Usui Reiki Master within 1 year, which is impressively quick. Her highly respected Reiki instructor, William Rand is a mere 4 Reiki Masters away from Dr. Usui himself.


Once certified, Teisha established The Plum Lotus, a non profit enterprise serving those who are interested in the metaphysical and alternative healing realms. Teisha and her team specialize in physical and remote Reiki treatments and classes. They also offer exclusive, online meditation and yoga sessions hosted by the renowned Shub Temple in Rishikesh, India. You can meander through their online shop that carries essentials like crystals, tarot cards, sage, books, essential oils, apparel, water bottles or make a donation to help those who are interested in becoming a Reiki practitioner but cannot afford it at this time.


Teishas quiet moments are spent painting, swimming, practicing yoga and Chi Gong, being in nature and

continuing her studies. Her adventurous side can be found at music events, climbing Vernal Falls in the Yosemite Valley or hyper white water rafting the Peshtigo River in Wisconsin.


With her cousin Jayne Fisher beside her as a constant and unrelenting supporter, her unstoppable determination and her deep understanding of the human psyche, Teisha is here to help anyone who is seeking a more holistic lifestyle.

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