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Agate is believed to magnify your life energy helping you to focus on new beginnings and manifest your dreams. Feel it's gaze as you stare into it's seductive design. It is a stone of transformation, encouraging you to blossom and see your dreams through with commitment and passion!

The various colors that play around Agate's silky surface are often compared with that of the rainbow. Its vibrations are comforting, and they promote peace. For people who have troubled lives, Agate can be of enormous help.

The layers of colors and texture that this stone flaunts are considered to represent the different tiers to wealth. If you want to be blessed with prosperity and success, an Agate gemstone is your starting point.


Metaphysical Properties:

Intellectual or not, Agate is the stone for you. It is a gemstone for everyone. Aside from its remarkable emotional healing properties, it also has an underrated power supplication to the mind.

This stone has endured centuries of changes, which reflects its prowess. It allows the mind to stay committed to the goals even if unprecedented events happen. Change is the only thing constant in this world, and Agate makes sure that the mind is ready for them.

Moreover, Agate helps its bearer to let go of the past. This stone helps the mind to live in the moment and forget about the bitterness of yesterday. At the same time, this stone grants its bearer a more vivid mindset even in the darkest days.
Do you want a healthier body? Try getting yourself an Agate. It promotes stronger immunity for its bearer. Also, it induces better metabolism, eventually leading to weight loss. Additionally, since it encourages digestive flow, it helps people who are suffering from stomach ailments.

Agate is known for its therapeutic effects on the human body. It helps in relaxing the nerves and muscles. Furthermore, it boosts the body's natural regenerative ability, which is beneficial in alleviating the most typical illnesses and injuries.

Agate is also believed to stabilize blood pressure and helps prevent issues with blood circulation. Because of the enhanced immunity, the human body can withstand the majority of common illnesses. If you know someone who often gets sick, get them an Agate.
As much as it complements the mind and body, Agate also sustains the spiritual well-being of its bearer. It is believed that the different strokes and lines in the patterns of Agate signify its power to amplify the ethereal aura of an individual. The colors of Agate also symbolize the aura's brightness. A bright spirit lights up in the dark, sharing its light with other spirits who are in dire need.

Agate is not only a stone of color and beauty. It is also a gem for the soul. If you feel lost or disconnected, get an Agate. No matter how difficult life is, this gemstone gives you enlightenment like no other.

At a Glance

⚜ Resolution
⚜ Inner Peace
⚜ Inspiration
⚜ Living in the Present Moment
⚜ Meditation
⚜ Nourishing and Rejuvenation
⚜ Nuturing
⚜ Passion
⚜ Peace of Mind
⚜ Physical Healing
⚜ Relaxation
⚜ Self- Healing
⚜ Self Discovery
⚜ Sense of Purpose
⚜ Soothing
⚜ Stress Relief
⚜ Trauma
⚜ Trust
⚜ Truth
⚜ Wisdom
⚜ Claiming Wholeness
⚜ Abundance
⚜ Anxiety Relief
⚜ Calming and Patience
⚜ Compassion
⚜ Creating Your Own Reality
⚜ Emotional Understanding
⚜ Empathy
⚜ Enlightenment
⚜ Expanded Awareness
⚜ Gentle Self-Expression
⚜ Generosity
⚜ Grounding
⚜ Growth


⚜ Chakras – Base, Sacral, Heart, Root

⚜ Zodiac –  Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Virgo 

⚜ Element – Earth 

⚜ Numerical Vibration – number 5, 6

⚜ Typical colors – Black, Green, Blue, Red, White, Purple, Yellow, Pink, Grey, Orange, Brown

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