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You can immediately feel peace of mind by simply looking at this brilliant crystal. In fact, its radiant purple and white colors have represented the sobriety of emotions and spirit throughout history.

By placing Amethyst on your forehead, navel or heart, you can immediately sense the angers, frustrations, and furies leaving your body.

Amethyst is a member of the quartz family. It is most famous for its brilliant shades of purple. The purple coloring can range from a light shade of lilac to a deep plum color. Amethyst stones usually consist of various zones of color intensity. These are due to the unique angles of their cut. Therefore the meaning of amethyst can vary, however, generally this gem means calmness and stillness.


Metaphysical Properties:

⚜ Amethyst has a positive impact on a person's mind by relieving stress,  stimulating new ideas, and enhancing psychic abilities. This stone helps you to deal with problems and calm yourself in facing chaos. Those who experience anxiety and nightmares can also benefit from this stone.

⚜ When paired with mediation, this crystal can help a person in developing a deeper understanding of things and in finding tranquillity. It would also be easier to resolve problems since it may help in decision making and in acquiring better solutions to life challenges.

⚜ With the help of its external vibrations and energy, it can  reduce nightmares, strengthen one's psychic abilities, instill spiritual insights, and convert negative thoughts into positive ones. However, people who experience paranoia or schizophrenia should avoid using this stone since they might not be able to handle its intense energy.

⚜ Many believe that the amethyst can cleanse the body's organs and circulatory system. It is even labeled as a blood cleanser while lowering high blood pressure and eliminating blockages.

⚜ People who suffer from tension headaches may find relief from this crystal since it helps release tension. It may also treat insomnia, diseases of the brain and head, treats hearing disorders, relieves psychological stress, and blocks geopathic stress.  It can also help prevent drunkenness and addiction to drugs, food, and sex.

⚜ Amethyst can also be useful for the skin as it calms itching and sunburn. It boosts hormone production, strengthens the immune system, reduces bruising, injuries, and swellings. It heals diseases of the lungs, respiratory tract, and infection of the digestive tract.​⚜ This stone can be beneficial for the intestines because it can help in regulating flora and removing parasites.    

⚜ The high spiritual vibration of amethyst makes it an extremely powerful stone which can help with the spiritual awareness and awakening of the soul, infinity, and Goddess. With the aid of this crystal, the bearer will realize that he or she can do more than what the physical body can offer.

⚜ The amethyst can lead you in finding your angels and spirit guides. Known as a natural tranquilizer, it can obstruct negative energies from one's surroundings. It also enhances consciousness and meditation.

⚜ As a spiritual stone, it promotes the love of the divine while encouraging selflessness and spiritual wisdom. It can also help open one's intuition and may help discover psychic gifts. This can stimulate the third eye chakra, which is the center of foresight and intuition. 

⚜ During sleep, it brings intuitive dreams that may assist in out of body experiences. Overall, amethyst can create a balance between the body's emotional, mental, and physical aspects. Aside from the third eye chakra, it can also stimulate the throat and crown chakras. 

At a Glance

⚜ Retrograde
⚜ Breaking Addictions
⚜ Travel
⚜ Psychic Abilities
⚜ Dreams
⚜ Clarity
⚜ Sleep
⚜ Protection
⚜ Physical Healing
⚜ Purification
⚜ Clairvoyance
⚜ Self-Discipline
⚜ Wisdom
⚜ Focus
⚜ Expansion
⚜ Insight
⚜ Anxiety Relief
vSpiritual Awakening


⚜ Chakras – Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra

⚜ Zodiac – Virgo, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

⚜ Element – Water 

⚜ Numerical Vibration – Number 3

⚜ Typical colors – Purple

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