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Ammonite Fossils' spiral shape is a sign of the interconnectedness of all things and the divine or supreme plan of all life. Imbued with Earth Energy, these fossils help us connect with nature's healing power and grounds us, helping us sense our connection with all living things throughout time.


It's no surprise that ammonites, with their spiral shape, are symbols of change and positive motion. The spiral draws in negative energy, filtering it through the chambers and releasing fresh, positive energy.


Metaphysical Properties:

⚜ Ammonite is a stone of completion that represents all things in creation coming full circle.
⚜ These fossils promote structure and offer great clarity, especially in the realm of one’s life path.
⚜ They are karmic cleansers that guide one into alignment with their individual life path and provide insight on one’s importance in the big picture of the universe.
⚜ Ammonites are incredible allies for anyone trying to start a new project or journey in life. They grant insight on where to begin and how to maintain the full vision until completion.
⚜ Not only does it provide structure to the things we do, but also in life overall making it beneficial for anyone who struggles to maintain structure in this life.
⚜ In the many journeys we choose to embark upon, Ammonite reminds us why we set out
for them in the first place and what visions we are bringing into reality.

⚜ According to Feng Shui Masters, this crystal is exceedingly fortunate & they suggest keeping one in your home to bring wealth, health & happiness.
⚜ Feng Shui Masters believe it stimulates the flow of Qi life-force through the body. These fossils have a profound protective quality in which they filter out any negative or heavy energy which is not needed, releasing it as pure life force energy Activating the spiritual will, Ammonite converts negative energy into a gently flowing positive spiral.
⚜ Helpful for overall well-being, longevity, cell metabolism & depression.
⚜ Psychologically it stimulates the survival instincts.
⚜ Stabilizes the pulse and may assist with degenerative disorders.

At a Glance

⚜ Karmic Cleanser
⚜ Vitality
⚜ Self-Transformation
⚜ Life Force
⚜ Overcome Obstacles
⚜ Protection
⚜ Stabilization
⚜ Clarity
⚜ Metaphysical Abilities
⚜ Inter dimensional Travel
⚜ Divine Willpower
⚜ Releases Behavioral Anxieties
⚜ Releases Relationship Constraints
⚜ Improve Family Unity


⚜ Zodiac: Aquarius and Cancer
⚜ Chakras: Root & 3rd Eye
⚜ Numerical Vibration: 9

⚜ Element: Water & Earth

⚜ Planet: Earth
⚜ Color: Gray to brown, can be radiant blue, with primarily red to green iridescence
⚜ Symbolizes: Continual Change & Evolution

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