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Golden Healer

Let yourself be absorbed, embalmed, immersed in the wonderful earth and fire with the Golden Healer. It's bond to the earth and tantalizing gaze will capture you.


Golden Healers are the crystal of total healing, empowering you to heal yourself and others. It promotes peace, alignment, and soothes your mind, body, & spirit.  This is a wonderful crystal to use to connect you with your Higher Self, spirit guides, and guardians of wellness. Golden Healers help you reprogram yourself to release yourself of unhealthy habits and patterns. They are an excellent crystal for energy workers, therapists, and healers.

For people who want to break free of destructive habits, or pull themselves out of an energetic rut, golden healer quartz metaphysical properties can help restore courage and improve determination. 



⚜ Golden Healer Quartz will restore balance to your body and encourage peace and harmony while aligning your yin and yang energies. It will lead you to positive changes through enhancing your understanding of what needs to be changed or eliminated.

⚜ This crystal can help you stretch your comfort zone by giving you renewed energy and the courage to try something new. You’ll break free from old habits, destructive emotional patterns, and negative thoughts. Using Golden Healer can help you create a whole new outlook on yourself and on life!

⚜ This quartz is also a powerful tool to use during meditation since it balances your chakras and invites healing, both physically and emotionally. Hold it in your hand and try to envision a beautiful, golden ray of light entering the top of your head. Feel this light flow into your entire body and being. This will ensure that you are surrounded by protective vibrations.

At a Glance

⚜ Creativity
⚜ Grounding
⚜ Passion
⚜ Power
⚜ Manifestation


⚜ Chakras – crown chakra but is said to connect all your chakras and cleanse the entire chakra system
⚜ Zodiac – All
⚜ Element – Earth, Fire, and Wind
⚜ Numerical Vibration – Number 11
⚜ Typical colors – will range from a pale, clear yellow to lemon to darker mustard

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