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Soft, soothing, and ever ready to tempt you back off the emotional ledge, Howlite is all about tempering the storm. This creamy white stone sometimes shot with silver veins is also known as White Buffalo, Sacred Buffalo, White Turquoise, Kaolinite, Lapis Howlite, and by its more scientific edged name of Silico Boro Calcite. Howlite is known to be a borate mineral, it can be mined in wild nodule shapes and blooms that appear similar to the cauliflower.


Healing Benefits

⚜ If you're using the gemstone as a meditative tool and mental partner, it may take you to snow-covered mountainous regions, where soul and environment are bound together in a veil of whiteness. Like many white holy crystals, Howlite may provide serenity and strength of vision; yet, the vertical lines indicate that the imagination is still working, concentrated, and not turned off.

⚜ Because it resembles snowflakes, it symbolizes the wintertime, when animals go into temporary or permanent sleep. It is an essential sacred activity because it gives the mind and spirit the vitality to complete their transformational job. Allow Howlite to lead you through the journey of physically trying to slow down while ultimately leading mental and spiritual consciousness.

⚜ Once put in your wallet or handbag, Howlite can take negative emotions like rage, jealously, or envy. You can rapidly eliminate negative feelings and concepts and maintain a tranquil atmosphere. If you would like to sleep peacefully and enjoy vivid dreams, keep Howlite underneath your bed.

⚜ Howlite's abilities can aid in the treatment of a variety of health ailments.

⚜ When used as a gemstone potion before bedtime, Howlite can aid in the treatment of insomnia. It can also use it to treat spasms and other kinds of discomfort.

⚜ Blue Howlite is a stone that can assist in inducing relaxation and quiet an obsessive personality. Psychological symptoms and other stress-related ailments can be relieved with Howlite. These types of problems can have a more significant influence on one's wellness than one would imagine.

⚜ For one reason, excessive worrying can disturb your lifestyle habits, leaving you exhausted and confused for weeks as you attempt to compensate for lost rest. Day in and day out, Howlite is a beautiful gemstone for slumber and quiet relaxation. It's also excellent for the joints and can assist with illnesses or ailments that affect the bones, such as arthritis.

⚜ Howlite is a powerful emotional spirit cleaner who will help you stay engaged to astral planes and on the road to your true calling. Everyone may become entangled in the twisted links of the planet and harness vitality.

⚜ On the other hand, Howlite is here to link with the head chakra and warn us not to dredge through the marsh because we could be jumping into tranquility and wisdom. It's a gemstone with an insatiable hunger for information in all fields, primarily metaphysical understanding. Howlite is also linked to the Third Eye Chakra, where we may access our vast intellect and profound hearted insight.

⚜ Howlite can also aid individuals interested in exploring the possibilities of previous incarnations in drawing those elements into perspective.

At a Glance

⚜ Calming and Patience

⚜ Strength

⚜ Balance

⚜ Creativity

⚜ Inspiration

⚜ Confidence

⚜ Knowledge

⚜ Physical Healing

⚜ Attunement

⚜ Truth

⚜ Consciousness

⚜ Stress Relief

⚜ Higher Self

⚜ Insight

⚜ Inner Vision

⚜ Attunement With Higher Realms

⚜ Anxiety Relief

⚜ Grief and Mourning


⚜ Chakras – Crown

⚜ Zodiac – Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio

⚜ Element – Wind

⚜ Numerical Vibration – Number 2

⚜ Typical colors – White

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