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The meaning of Moonstone is all about acceptance, goodness, creativity, and loving energy. It’s also known for igniting a passion for what really makes you happy, and it can give you the courage to pursue dreams that may have been long given up. A feeling of motivation, brilliance will sooth you and make you feel absolved. 

The emotional healer, allowing you to see beneath the surface of your challenges and explore the emotions you reveal. Its loving energy supports the heart, stimulates the mind, and relieves anxiety.



⚜ Healer of Diseases: Its usefulness is associated with problems and disorders specific to one's liver, pancreas, stomach, and spleen. It's also known for assisting the lymphatic system to enable it to cleanse the blood and improves the digestive system.

⚜ Women's Stone: The powers of moonstone are often perceived with the enhancement of emotional balance by enabling a woman to control her anger and negative energies. It's believed to help with the regulation of your menstrual disorders and pain relief during childbirth.

⚜ Bringer of Daily Wellbeing: It's a soothing gemstone that helps keep the pituitary gland balanced, aids the pineal gland to enhance the circadian cycle and normalize one's sleep cycle to cure insomnia. Its link to the moon brings you the serenity and calmness required for concentrated meditation and thus emotional wellness.

⚜ Companion in Hard Times: Thinking that your world has ended? On the contrary, moonstone carries the tune of "new beginnings", perhaps the most important message for anyone in such a situation. Transfusing the moon's powerful energy to human soul, the stone improves your intuition, lets you get past the melancholy and grievance. Thus, moonstone powers an individual to the 'new' self.

⚜ Vehicle to Growth: A person who wears this crystal enjoys improved intuition, a surge in creativity and psychic talents which contribute to the development of personality, professional skills, and thus productivity. The healing powers of moonstone contribute to a prosperous life with success in livelihood and relationships.

At a Glance

⚜ Motivation 

⚜ Power 

⚜ Physical Healing 

⚜ Personal Will 

⚜ Peace of Mind 

⚜ Opportunities 

⚜ Nurturing 

⚜ Nourishing and Rejuvenation 

⚜ New Beginnings 

⚜ Self-Discipline 

⚜ Meditation 

⚜ Mastering Fear 

⚜ Manifestation 

⚜ Longevity 

⚜ Living in the Present Moment 

⚜ Life Path 

⚜ Leadership 

⚜ Strength 

⚜ Self-Love 

⚜ Wisdom 

⚜ Unity of Heart and Will 

⚜ Truth Trust 

⚜ Transformation 

⚜ Stress Relief 

⚜ Knowledge 

⚜ Spiritual Awakening 

⚜ Soothing 

⚜ Sense of Purpose 

⚜ Selflessness 

⚜ Self Discovery 

⚜ Self- Healing 

⚜ Claiming Wholeness 

⚜ Calming and Patience 

⚜ Anxiety Relief 

⚜ Adventures 

⚜ Action 

⚜ Abundance 

⚜ Compassion 

⚜ Gentle Self-Expression 

⚜ Joy 

⚜ Intuition 

⚜ Inspiration 

⚜ Insight 

⚜ Inner Vision 

⚜ Inner Peace 

⚜ Growth 

⚜ Generosity 

⚜ Focus Expanded

⚜ Awareness 

⚜ Enlightenment 

⚜ Empathy 

⚜ Emotional Understanding 

⚜ Consciousness


⚜ Chakras – Crown and Third Eye

⚜ Zodiac – Scorpio, Libra, Cancer

⚜ Element – Wind, Water

⚜ Numerical Vibration – Number 6

⚜ Typical colors – colorless through shades of yellow, gray, green, pink, reddish, orange, and brown.

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