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Patricia Wald-Hopkins
Modern Mystic, Infinite Self Catalyst, and Soul Liberation Guide

Patricia Wald-Hopkins is a Modern Mystic, Infinite Self Catalyst, and Soul Liberation Guide for those ready to break free from old paradigm limitations and awaken to the gifts of their Infinite Self, so they can lead the life they are DIVINELY designed to live. She supports her clients as an Akashic Records Wisdom Guide, Inspired Life Coaching and Butterfly HealingTM which includes various healing and transformational modalities, including essential oil perfumes, crystals, and light language to support them to embody their Infinite Self. She is a Gene Keys Ambassador and Guide and a co-founder of the School of Light, a mystery school based on Gene Keys transmission. She is author of a chapter, The EmBODY Codes: Transmissions of a Mystic on the Sacred Body and Being Human, in the book Sacred Body Wisdom: Igniting the Flame of Our Divine Humanity; the author of the chapter, The Miracle of Light Language: Awakening to My Soul Voice and Purpose, in the book Miraculous; author of the chapter Butterfly Medicine Healing, in the book Energy Healing & Soul Medicine; author of the chapter Stardust Blood: Codes for Harmony on Earth, in the book Awakening Starseeds: Dreaming Into The Future, Volume 3; and the creator of the Infinite Self Oracle Card deck.


Please contact The Plum Lotus for connection to this divinely energetic healer.


 T: 505-412-9834

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