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Septarian nurtures and grounds the wearer, bringing about feelings of happiness and understanding. This versatile stone is also a speaking stone that is said to improve communication skills of the holder. Septarian is associated with the lower chakras: root, sacral and solar plexus.

This stone connects all the fibers connecting and grounding you while clearing all the negative energies. Embrace the energies and let it take over you and you'll feel so balanced. 


Healing Benefits

⚜ A very protective stone that nurtures and grounds you, bringing about feelings of happiness and understanding

⚜ Has the ability to clear negative energies from your environment and all lingering feelings of sadness, hurt, or hatred

⚜ A stone that you should use when you want to regulate your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual prowess

⚜ A wonderful stone to wear or carry with you if you speak in public, as it gives you confidence and allows you to gain an audience’s attention

At a Glance

⚜ Resolution

⚜ Life Path

⚜ Meditation

⚜ Motivation

⚜ New Beginnings

⚜ Nourishing and Rejuvenation

⚜ Nuturing

⚜ Opportunities

⚜ Passion

⚜ Past Life Recall

⚜ Past Lives

⚜ Peace of Mind

⚜ Psychic Abilities

⚜ Prosperity

⚜ Relaxation

⚜ Knowledge

⚜ Self Discovery

⚜ Self- Healing

⚜ Self-Discipline

⚜ Selflessness

⚜ Sense of Purpose

⚜ Spiritual Awakening

⚜ Strength

⚜ Stress Relief

⚜ Transformation

⚜ Wisdom

⚜ Ancient Knowledge

⚜ Channeling and Grounding Higher Vibrations

⚜ Alignment with the Higher Self

⚜ Angelic Communication

⚜ Astral Travel

⚜ Attunement

⚜ Attunement With Higher Realms

⚜ Bridging the Spiritual and Physical Worlds

⚜ Communication With Higher Realms

⚜ Dreams

⚜ Gentle Self-Expression

⚜ Grounding

⚜ Growth

⚜ Higher Self

⚜ Inner Peace

⚜ Inner Vision

⚜ Insight

⚜ Inspiration

⚜ Intuition

⚜ Joy


⚜ Chakras – Root

⚜ Zodiac – Taurus

⚜ Element – Earth

⚜ Numerical Vibration – Number 66

⚜ Typical colors – Yellow, Grey, Brown

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