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Shubham Joshi

Shubham  Joshi was born and raised in a spiritual family and although working in the corporate world he began teaching yoga part time as well. In 2017 he  met a Himalayan mystic and his disciples. Fascinated with this mystic  he began spending time in the Ashram. He spent almost 3 years with him learning mantras, tantra, initiation processes, pranayama, meditation and personality development. This time in the ashram transformed his life. He went to "Kaivalyadham" yoga school lonawala (one of the best Hatha yoga schools) for his certification.  Feeling well equipped spirituality and gaining knowledge of different paths of yoga he began teaching yoga full time. (Meditation/ asana/ pranayama/mantra chanting).

 When COVID pandemic began,  he started taking online sessions, working with  people around the world. It was during this time he met Temple Ji online who was also reaching out to assist others around the world from the United States. 

With shared vision for humanity and spirituality they came together and started many activities and programs online. In 2021 they met in Africa and served in local communities and schools for 4 months creating  yoga/wellness programs to teach people to maintain and improve health and well-being naturally. After leaving Africa they traveled  to Shubh’s home country of India,  lived in a Rishikesh  ashram for several months and continued to exchange knowledge and expand in natural healing modalities. While in India  they travelled to 6 states meeting  people with shared vision, speaking and teaching in schools, and  in local villages. Destiny and their vision brought them to Pokhara Nepal ( as a great blessing) and now they are teaching Tantra , Yoga , meditation, pranayama, breathing practices and many energy works.




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Shubham Joshi

Temple Dawn

Temple Dawn, before leaving the United States Temple was working as a holistic health coach primarily to assist people who suffer from various diseases who wished to minimize pharmaceutical dependence and enjoy optimal wellbeing naturally.

She was also a natural fitness competitor  for several years with many certifications in health coaching, fitness nutrition, and personal training. Temple Dawn is from the United States and has been volunteering her services as a holistic health coach, life mentor and English teacher in schools, ashrams, and communities continuously now for over one year. 

She began her travels at the height of the pandemic in Africa 2021, spent 7 months in India visiting 6  states of India and now she is in Pokhara Nepal assisting yogi Shubham Joshi. She  offers her expertise in mindful movement, meditation, fitness nutrition, lifestyle management, and wellness workshops for optimal total health. In addition she enjoys speaking at community functions as recently she was guest speaker in a local Rishikesh school for ‘World Forestry Day’. She met with the Madya Pradesh’s minister of Agriculture Kamel Patel to discuss ways to be of greater service  to preserve environmental health. Temple was also fortunate to be one of the competitors  in Yoga Journal’s 2022 Yoga Warrior Competition. Her goal is to open a natural healing center where people from all over the world can come share their unique healing gifts for benefit of humanity. 

Shubham Joshi
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