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Course Description

This document will explain and highlight the steps and components that come with practicing the
traditional methods of meditation and yoga alongside Shubham Joshi. With an abundance of
scientifically proven and evidence based information readily available and centuries of global use, it is
clear that these practices are beneficial to the individual and the collective. 

Couple Meditating on the Beach
Course Description

We will be practicing classic, traditional yoga which is a combination of meditation, Sukshma asanayogic techniques and pranayama breathing exercises. Combining these features supports andencourages the union of your mind, body, spirit and emotional energy. The World Health Organization defines “health” as the total alignment of body, mind, emotions andspiritual well being. In our classes we will teach you how to balance these 4 energies using consciousand mindful methods that will enhance your daily life on every level. Because these traditional practices have deep, meaningful and lasting impacts on the mind, body, spiritand emotions, the teacher and the student must connect with each other in authentic pureness andmutual wellness. When this connection is made, the session is serving everyone's best interests and themost benefit can be achieved now. 


A variety of traditional meditation practices will be utilized during this meditation class including:

Silence Meditation

“Silence relates to nothingness” - Buddha

In exploring and practicing the nothingness, we purposefully give our mind the freedom to gently roam.We do not fight against it, we just let it wander. Though some people struggle to understand and participate in the conscious nothingness, meditation is an incredibly effective way to help the mind float freely. We do not want to impede or shut down the mind, we are merely seeking stillness and peace. In this safe and quiet state, we can meditate on the point of consciousness which is beyond the understanding of the mind itself.

The mind is a great tool and wonderful servant but it is a terrible master. By immersing yourself in the nothingness and the silence of meditation, the mind finds comfort in the stillness and will now allow the person to be the master and the mind can serve and support our best interests, under our own leadership. 

The Yoga Asanas

The yoga “asanas” are defined as steady and comfortable “posture or poses” and just one basic asana has the ability to benefit the mind, body, energy and emotions simultaneously. When you connect your mind and your breathing to the action of the asana, you have created a powerful and efficient state of mindfulness, discipline and concentration that unites body, mind and emotions and allows your energy to flow freely during meditation. Consciously aligning our bodies, minds and energy will quiet the mind which accommodates the meditative process. 

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